Build a Low Power pfSense Router

When I was setting up my home file server, I wanted to have external access to it when I was away. Simple enough, I would just open the admin panel of my wireless router, open a few ports and viola. I can now access it remotely. Then, as I wanted to start doing more things like configuring multiple public IP addresses, multiple LAN sub-nets, bandwidth allocation, it became apparent that my seemingly robust router only scratched the surface. If I was going to configure my network to handle the connections I needed, I would need something a little more sophisticated. That is where pfSense comes in.

pfsense logo

Because I’m the type of person that would prefer to build something myself than just buy something off the rack, I looked into a handle of options. One was to flash the firmware of a Linksys router with¬†, but the reviews seemed hit and miss. I did look into commercial options, but while I was willing to spend some money, most of these were out of my price range. I then came across¬† After reading through all the documentation, reading reviews and a handful of YouTube videos it became apparent that this would do what I needed, and I could build it too.

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