Virtual Machine Clone with vmWare vSphere 5.5

If you have the need to make a clone of an existing Virtual Machine on VMware Vshpere 5.5, I will walk you through the simple process. This is useful for making a full backup, performing an upgrade, creating a clone/image to start from, or just moving the VM to a new host or datastore. Let’s make a virtual machine clone.

I set up my VMware vSphere 5.5 host a few years ago and it has been humming along very well. I’ve been running both Windows and Linux virtual machines to serve a variety of different functions as wells as just being a test bed for experimentation. I have a few Linux machines that are a few LTS versions old. The best method I have found to upgrade these, while at the same time keeping the current instance running is to clone the existing instance and perform the upgrade on the clone. Once I’m happy with the upgrade on the clone, I’ll decommission the parent instance and start using the clone in production.

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